Patterns of Rainfall Distribution over India during 1950-2005

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This paper examined the pattern of monthly rainfall distribution over India during the period 1950-2005. The statistical techniques such as standard deviation and coefficient of variation were used to study the variation in rainfall distribution in 438 metereological stations. The precipitation concentration index was used to study the changes in seasonality of precipitation distribution.Study revealed spatial and temporal variation in rainfall distribution. Few locations experienced an increasing rainfall distribution, especially during the monsoon months. Among these locations with increase in rainfall distribution, some also showed geographical clustering while other areas lacked spatial continuity of locations having low variability. It has also been observed that in recent years lesser variation in rainfall distribution. The lack of spatial and temporal continuity patterns in rainfall distribution indicates lesser impact of global temperature rise on rainfall variability of India.

Keywords: Rainfall Distribution Pattern, Precipitation Concentration Index,, Rainfall Spatial Variability.
Stream: Scientific Evidence
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Paper: , , , Patterns of Rainfall Distribution over India during 1950-2005

Sarath Babu M g

Junior Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Delhi, New Delhi, India

Post graduate from University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Currently working in a sponsored project as a junior research fellow. Has 2 seminar paper to his credit. Research interests water resource management and application of GIS techniques

Dr Sreekesh Sreedharan

Associate Professor, Centre for the Study of Regional Development,, Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Graduated in geography from Kerala University and completed Ph D from JNU, New Delhi in the year 1994. Also obtained PG Diploma in remote sensing and GIS from IIRS, Dehra Dun and has experience in application of remote sensing and GIS technologies for environment and resource management. My expertise is in the area of water resource management and climate variability studies using geospatial technologies. Prior to joining JNU I was heading the Department of Natural Resources, TERI University, New Delhi and was fellow at TERI. Earlier I also worked as the Area Convener of Modellling and Economic Analysis Area of TERI. My research interest are climate variability, water resources management and application of geospatial techniques

I have over 15 years research and teaching experience. Over 10 research reports to my credit and about 10 papers published in national and international journals as well as in edited books.

Ref: C10P0184